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FAQ’s for Mitrebond

What is the shelf life of MitreBond?

1 Year – The shelf life of the adhesive can be shortened if left in conditions over 25°C, and prolonged in cold conditions.

How do I remove MitreBond which has been spilt onto a laminate top?

You need to use ColorFill Solvent.  It is however a slow process, never attempt to remove the cured adhesive with a knife or scraper.

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FAQ’s for ColorFill

What is the shelf life of ColorFill?

24 months – ColorFill is completely Frost Free and is best stored in cool conditions.

Do you have a ColorFill chart?

We exactly match all laminates, flooring, worktop, against ColorFill &  ColorSealant.  The references can be obtained from any Unika distributor, calling Unika direct or visiting the ColorFill Database of this website.

The range of Worktops and Flooring I stock are not on your database.  How do I find out the ColorFill references to match?

You need to find out the manufacturer of the laminate and the laminate reference number and then search the ColorFill database.  If the reference number is still not there you will need to send a small sample of the laminate to Unika and we will match this for you and contact you with the ColorFill reference number.

How many ColorFill tubes will I need per worktop joint?

One 25g ColorFill tube is sufficient to join one worktop joint.

Can I use ColorFill for natural timber with a paint or varnish finish?

No, it is not suitable for natural timber with a paint/varnish finish.  Please use FloorFill repair for timber.

How do I remove any excess ColorFill from laminate?

Repairing Chips and Scratches – Use ColorFill solvent and a white tissue being careful not to dislodge any ColorFill from the repaired area.  A final coat of ColorFill can be applied later if necessary.

Sealing Worktop Joints – Use ColorFill solvent and a white tissue being careful not to dislodge any ColorFill.  Do this by cleaning across the joint at 90 degrees to the cut at all times.

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